McCloud River Railroad

(last edit 29 January 2021)


Technically, the portion of this line from the interchange with Union Pacific in Mount Shasta, to McCloud, still exist as a common carrier, though it has not seen any action for close to a decade. East of McCloud, segments of the system are either being converted to a multi-use trail (McCloud to Burney, including the famous trestle used in the movie “Stand By Me”), or are in the hands of other operators.


Upton to Burke (original connection to the SP)

This was the original McCloud River Railroad connection to the Southern Pacific, from 1896 until 1907, when the present connection was established in Sisson, now Mount Shasta. Upton was the site of several sawmills when the line was established. The site of Upton is now occupied by Sousa Ready Mix.

Railbed just east of Spring Hill Road, just south of Abrams Lake Road. Looking west towards Mount Eddy. This segment had just been graded by the property owner before the photo was taken 26 October 2019. Interstate 5 is just beyond the lamppost.
Looking east from the same spot in the above photo. Spring Hill is on the right.

Mount Shasta to Burke (present connection to the UP)

Crossing signal, Everitt Memorial Highway, Mount Shasta

These are found along the technically active portion of the rail line as one travels north on the Everitt Memorial Highway..

Looking north.
Looking north.

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