I’m Denis Fabbrini, and I live in Mount Shasta, California ,  area along with my wife Eloise.  My interests are many and varied. This website exists because I need a place to put stuff – notes, photos, tidbits of data, information that I would like to do something with later, scraps of thought that I would like others to review and provide feedback on, and whatever else doesn’t fit one of my other sites, social media accounts, or even One Note. Also, I have friends and relatives who do not have Facebook, Instagram, or at times would like to see view my photos or writings, but access to them is encumbered by required log-ins, the need to load new apps, or other Internet-literacy issues. This site hopefully fulfills my need to put my brain’s mental scraps somewhere for future use (or not), and at the same time give access to that material to those who want access (or are just trying to humor me) (and some stuff for may be password-protected for specific audiences).

Posts may appear here about a wide variety of topics – railroads, the outdoors, food, abandoned places, or come what may – some stuff may re-edited from time to time as I research and develop the subject; it may eventually get posted elsewhere, or it may simply disappear. As of now, I have the “comments” featured turned off – that may change for some material as well.  If you care to have a dialogue about any of the subject matter posted here, feel free to email me at mdfabbrini@hotmail.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos © Denis Fabbrini

Random acts of thought, and useless pieces of information – et deinceps per nebula