Tracks Out Of Service sign over abandoned spur leading into the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona

Abandoned Railroad Infrastructure

I’ve always had an interest in railroads, including the history and archaeology of railroads past. Having spent a good portion of my life traveling by airplane for work, I would look down upon the landscape and see the scars left by abandoned rail lines of long ago. It’s amazing how discernible many of these are, even after being abandoned over 100 years ago. A few times I managed to scout out these right-of-ways on the ground. I’m now trying to better document through mapping, writing, and photographing my explorations, especially since many of these right-of-ways, along with other associated artifacts (stations, water tanks, bridges, etc.) are being wiped out by new development. These pages are works in progress, as I roam about exploring and recording rail infrastructure of the past.

El Paso & Southwestern Railroad: South Yard Junction to South Line Junction
Southern Pacific Railroad: Polvo (Tucson) to Vail, AZ
Railroad Water Towers


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