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Recalled Volkswagen Automobiles

During a road trip through the Mojave Desert in April, 2017, I spotted about 20,000 recalled VWs at Southern California Logistics Airport  (formerly George Air Force Base). I had no idea they were there, as I was hunting for a good vantage point to take photos of the stored commercial aircraft located at the airport.

Recalled Volkswagens, Southern California Logistics Base – April 2017
Google satellite image of recalled VWs at Southern California Logistics Airport. Retrieved 21 March 2018.
Boron Air Force Base

First an Air Force radar site, then a federal prison, this location still hosts a FAA radar facility. Here are some links with more information:

Ghoulifornia: The Abandoned Federal Prison in Boron
Wikipedia: Boron Air Force Station

Enter at your own risk. Federal trespassing laws may be enforced.

Abandoned military site in the Mojave Desert – April 2017
Harlan D Miller Memorial Bridge, Delta, California

See my trip report for more information and pictures regarding this splendid bridge in Shasta County, once part of US Highway 99, and now managed by the US Forest Service.

Looking south along the west side of the bridge. Notice the blue tiles in the deck wall pillars.

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